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I-Divesite Weitwinkel / Fischauge Objektiv UWL-06 (M32) für i-Pix Gehäuse I-Divesite wide angle / fisheye lens UWL-06...
With M32 thread for Smartphones
€112.95 *
Recsea Macro lens 50mm x2  #SAL-02-ST Recsea Macro lens 50mm x2 #SAL-02-ST
Close-up lens 50mm x2 with ST shot at the port
€238.95 *
I-Divesite ASU-06 x1.8 Makrolinse mit M46/M67 Anschluss I-Divesite ASU-06 x1.8 macro lens withe M46/M67...
With M46 and M67 connection
€307.95 *
I-Divesite i-Das Objektivhalter LH-6752 I-Divesite i-Das Lens holder LH-6752
Suitable for M52 and M67 lenses
€32.95 *
Nauticam Klappadapter für Multipier #81221 Nauticam Folding adapter for multiplier #81221
Swivel the expansion of the super macro converter to the top
€167.95 *
Nauticam Multiplier für Super Makro Konverter I M67 #81211 Nauticam Multiplier for super macro converter I...
Strengthened the enlargement of the super macro converter
€472.95 *
Nauticam Super Makrokonverter I M67 (SMC) #81201 Nauticam Super macro converter I M67 (SMC) #81201
1.3x enlargement of objects with a gap of 98-100mm to the NSMC
€503.95 *
Ikelite O-Ring #0136.45 für WD-4 Domeport Ikelite O-ring #0136.45 for WD-4 dome port
Replacement O-ring for the WD-4 dome pirt at housing port 3,9"
€7.95 *
H2o-Tools Weitwinkel / Fisheye Objektiv UWL-04 für die Canon Powershot G12 Unterwassergehäuse H2o-Tools Wide-angle / Fisheye Lens for the...
Fisheye- / Wide-angle lens for Canon G12 underwater housings
€479.90 *
INON Dome Port II für UWL-S100 ZM80 INON Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-S100 ZM80
Für underwater housings with INON LD or M67 adapter
€150.95 *
Fantasea Weitwinkel BigEye Dome 26mm UAL-02 C1 für Canon WP-DC 28, 34, 48, 52 Fantasea Wide-angle BigEye dome converter lens...
For Canon underwater housings WP-DC 28, WP-DC 34, WP-DC 48, WP-DC52
€318.95 *
Olympus LC-63A Objektivdeckel für die XZ-1 und XZ-2 Olympus LC-63A Lens cap for the XZ-1 and XZ-2
Automatically opening lens cap
€15.95 *
H2o-Tools UCL-07 Makrolinse M77 (+5 dpt/200mm) H2o-Tools UCL-07 close up lens M77 (+5 dpt/200mm)
For all housings and Ports with M77 thread
€179.95 *
INON UWL-S100 ZM80 Weitwinkelobjektiv INON Wide-Angle lens UWL-S100 ZM80
Für underwater housings with INON LD or M67 adapter
€319.95 *
Fantasea Line Weitwinkel Dome UAL-02 F2 für FP-7000, FP-7100, FG-15, FG-16 und FG-7X Fantasea Line wide-angle dome for FP-7000,...
Fits several Fantasea underwater housings
€329.00 *
I-Divesite Weitwinkel UAL-04 (x0,75) mit M67 Gewinde I-Divesite Wide-Angle lens UAL-04 with M67 thread
For all housings with 67mm connection
€328.95 *
I-Divesite Weitwinkel UAL-03 (x0,75) mit M67 Gewinde I-Divesite Wide-Angle lens UAL-03 with M67 thread
For all housings with 67mm connection
€248.95 *
Olympus Fisheye Konverter FCON-T01 für Olympus tough TG-1,  TG-2, TG-3 Olympus Fisheye Konverter FCON-T01 for Olympus...
Fisheye converter 130°
€143.95 *
10 Bar Objektivhalter für M52 Objektive 10 Bar Lens Holder for M52 Lenses
Lens holder M52 to mount at the T-Connector
€35.90 *
H2o-Tools Weitwinkelobjektiv UWA-07  M67 mit M67mm Anschluss H2o-Tools Wide-angle lens UWA-07 M67 with M67...
Wide-Angle Lens for each Underwater case with M67 thread
€196.95 *
H2o-Tools Makroset für div. Fantsea Unterwassergehäuse H2o-Tools Closeup-kit for Fantasea housing...
Macro adapter M67, macro lens 67 +5, Snap Cord backup cord
€169.95 *
Fantasea EyeGrabber Linsenhalter für FP-7000 /7100 und FG-15/16 und ander Fantasea Gehäuse Fantasea EyeGrabber lensholder for FP-7000/...
It is possible to mount the wide-angle dome with the help of the lens holder
€45.95 *
Recsea 3 teiliger Makrovorsatz für DX-1G & DX-2G Unterwassergehäuse Recsea Seatool 3 pieces macro conversion for...
If required back and forth pivoted
€308.95 *
H2o-Tools Weitwinkel Dome 26mm UAL-02 C5 Canon H2o-Tools Wide-angle dome converter lens UAL-02...
Wide-angle dome Canon
€289.00 *
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