% Canon UW-housing Kit Fantasea G9X / PowerShot G9X silver

Das Canon Unterwassergehäuse Fantasea mit der Canon PowerShot G9X

Instead of: €1,014.95*


% H2o-Tools cleaning tissue second Choice (Discoloration available )

Foster rag made of really soft material, fuzz-free

Instead of: €9.95*


% Recsea underwater housing for Canon Powershot G15

Underwater housing to secure the camera from penetrating water

Instead of: €1,038.95*


INON Light LF1400-S

1400 Lumen photo- video lamp


INON Dome Port 115

115mm diameter


Patima Sync cord cable with 2 x Patima 6 Pin Connector

Connection between an underwater housing with an aunderwater strobe housing


H2o-Tools Neoprene Soft Bag pink for Sony RX-100, RX-100 MKII

Protective soft bag made of neoprene for Sony


GoPro Accessory Rotate Wirst strap easy

Flexible any time and suitable for all GoPros


GoPro Accessory Jaws flex clamp

For objects with ca. 0,6-5cm diameter


H2o-Tools knob extension for INON S-2000 strobe

Knob extension for INON Strobe S-2000



10 Bar double ball arm 350mm long

B&J arm made of aluminium, 350mm long

You save

instead of: €24.95 **


to the offer
Recsea Mini LED Dive- Photo lamp RML-123AX1

One of the smallest diving or photo lamp


H2o-Tools Clamp for double ball strobe arms (black)

Clamp is is suitable for all common ball joint arm systems


% BRAUN MASTER Actioncam - 1080i/60fps (with 100m case) and remote controll

With up to 3 hours battery time a low-cost alternative to the GoPro including LCD BacPac

Instead of: €339.00*


% BRAUN Underwater selfie-stick / telescopic handle for Cameras / ActionCams and Smartphones

Fits various devices like smartphone actioncam etc.

Instead of: €49.95*