% 10 Bar Riffstab / Foto- Video Pointer / Zeigestab

Riffstab, Pointer, Zeigestab für besseres Tauchen und Fotografieren Unterwasser

Instead of: €12.95*

From €9.95*

% Olympus E-PL7 schwarz inkl. Speicherkarte und Tasche

Incl. 14-42mm

Instead of: €775.95*


H2o-Tools Redfilter for Fuji Housing WP-FXF500

Especially suitable for seawater


% H2o-Tools cleaning tissue second Choice (Discoloration available )

Foster rag made of really soft material, fuzz-free

Instead of: €9.95*


% RGBlue System 01 Underwater Photo- and Video lamp with 2200 Lumen

Powerful photo-, video and underwater lamp

Instead of: €641.95*


GoPro Accessory clamp

For objects with ca. 0,6-5cm diameter


Sharkhon Accessory red filter for GoPro Hero3

Special suited for seawate


BRAUN MASTER 3M Tackifying Pad curved

Attachement of the Braun Master actioncam on curved surfaces


i-Torch Rescue 8 Degree Flash coverage

Perfect for the filming and photographing or as Backup-lamp


H2o-Tools B&J Clamp in various colors made of Aluminum

Clamp is is suitable for all common ball joint arm systems

From €18.95*

% Canon underwater housing WP-DC45 for Canon PowerShot D20

Protective housing to protect the video camera from penetrating water

Instead of: €199.95*


% BRAUN MASTER Actioncam - 1080i/60fps (with 100m case) and remote controll

With up to 3 hours battery time a low-cost alternative to the GoPro including LCD BacPac

Instead of: €339.00*


H2o-Tools Clamp for double ball strobe arms (black)

Clamp is is suitable for all common ball joint arm systems


% BRAUN Underwater selfie-stick / telescopic handle for Cameras / ActionCams and Smartphones

Fits various devices like smartphone actioncam etc.

Instead of: €49.95*